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Xenical buy online canada.ca and tmall.com or click on these links: Buy online at the links above. I've got a new book up! It's called When the Moon is Pout! It's my most recent one-act play. As an aside, here's the first video I ever made from the book. I hope you enjoy! And here's the book (available on Amazon)! I just updated the site. It's much better now. There's only one page now. It's a Google Spreadsheet with all the information in it, including screenshots and other resources for the book. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: Well, I wanted to turn a New York Times editorial. THE NEW YORK TIMES: Our nation will face another national trial in next week's midterm elections, when more than a dozen state legislative races are at stake across the country. But it's just a foretaste of battle that will be waged in the courts, streets and among citizens in the years to come, with a court system that has been drugstore australia shipping overwhelmed by the rise of gerrymandering tactics used to draw district lines. This week, the Supreme Court is due to rule on Texas' congressional map, a measure that in some ways was an effort to stop black people from electing the next Democratic congressmember. Texas officials claimed the maps were used only to protect against Democratic voter fraud, but civil rights groups have cited similar tactics over the past two decades. If the Supreme Court upholds these maps, the justices won't just mark latest in a series of redistricting cases on election maps, but also could set a precedent by applying them across the country. As we look back on the history of gerrymandering, we look at how other states have made the map game more difficult. We begin with The New Yorker's Ron Lieber, who wrote about the first gerrymander in Wisconsin 1824 and the fight to change what he calls the nation's "murder map." RON LIEBER: In 1824, after a series of legislative elections that had failed, Wisconsin's legislature voted to draw its own lines—it would be the first state legislature to draw congressional and legislative boundaries. They had no intention of changing the existing congressional and legislative districts until 1836, when a newly formed Congress, the Constitutional Convention, considered its first map. As this map is known, the new legislature redrew both state senators and representatives to be much more compact than on the old map. In 1868, Wisconsin voters rejected the Senate map, but that didn't deter Governor James Blaine, who set up a new legislature in January. Because Wisconsin had already passed legislation that set out a plan for congressional and gubernatorial redistricting, as soon this new legislature met, a adopted it. This time, the new legislature was even more liberal in its new plans, drawing lines that led to the state's current split-ticket system: It has one state Senate race for the entire country, but a number of districts in which Republicans outnumber Democrats three to one. AMY GOODMAN: This is a New Yorker piece headlined "The Redistricting Game," by Ron Lieber, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who has written about gerrymandering for 40 years. You can read an excerpt of the piece at democracynow.org.

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